From the Daily Nation Online:

The UN SECURITY COUNCIL last week voted unanimously in favour of a resolution that could change how war is defined around the world.

The resolution, sponsored by the United States, declared rape and sexual violence as a “war tactic” that aims to “humiliate, dominate, instil fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group.”

The recognition of rape as a weapon of war by the international community is significant and historic because it acknowledges what has been described as “one of history’s greatest silences” – the sexual violation of women and girls during periods of conflict.

Ever since men started fighting other men for territory and resources, rape has been used as a weapon to subdue and conquer the enemy.

Soldiers, war-mongers and combatants know that one of the most effective ways to destroy a community is by raping its women and girls.

Rape and sexual violence not only emotionally damage the victims, they destabilise affected populations, and destroy bonds that keep families and communities together.

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