Over at Townhall.com, Karin Agness reports on the 2008 NOW conference: 

Superwoman made a curious appearance this weekend, gracing the program cover of the National Organization for Women (NOW) National Conference, which was themed, “No Capes, No Masks, No Boundaries: Feminist Super-Women Unite!”

“The concept of feminist superheroes is not much of a stretch,” Kim Gandy, President of NOW, said.  “Both feminists and superheroes are dedicated to fighting injustice, while facing off against corrupt, malicious villains out to dominate the world (Bush and Cheney, anyone?).  What makes feminists special is that they do this without superhuman powers-just a lot of pride, passion and patience.”

Besides revealing an inflated view of their own organization, the superhero analogy demonstrates the destructive attitude dominating feminism today.  It is the attitude that everyone is against women, out to get them.  To feminists, women must take on the entire world.  They must save everyone, even sometimes from themselves.  Like Superwoman, these feminists are constantly fearful that they will find an enemy, like sexism, around every corner.  The media: Sexist.  Fewer women in math and sciences: Sexism.  Fewer female elected officials: Sexism.

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