In India, an increase in opportunities for women appears to also be drawing an increase in violence against them.  The Washington Post reports:

Chaudhry is one of the brightest students in her working-class district. But since several local men started following her to class, she sometimes stays home now. She has friends who have been raped or are constant victims of “Eve teasing,” when men on the street spew lewd comments or aggressively paw women’s bodies.

“We thought opportunities were getting better for young Indian women. But the harassment only seems to be getting worse,” Chaudhry said, as friends gathered at a recent “self-respect and self-esteem session” held by the nonprofit Smile Foundation.

For India’s middle-class urban women, the past decade has brought unprecedented opportunities to advance in a social order long dominated by men. But a powerful male backlash has accompanied the women’s revolution, an upwelling of resentment that has expressed itself in sexual violence and harassment.

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