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September 4, 2008

The Female Factor #2
Governor Sarah Palin & The Issues

As she accepted the vice presidential nomination Governor Sarah Palin brought up many important issues facing Americans, including government spending and energy policy. Unfortunately, much of the media coverage surrounding Governor Palin hasn’t focused on her take on those issues. Instead, we’ve seen personal attack after personal attack in a shameful display of partisanship on behalf of the mass and tabloid media.

“This election should be decided on the issues of importance to Americans, not on political cheap shots,” said IWF vice president for policy and economics Carrie Lukas. “From education to energy policy to the economy, there are simply too many important challenges facing our country to get caught up in the politics of personal destruction.”

“Whether you agree with her or not, Governor Palin deserves to be judged on merit, just like any other candidate,” added IWF’s Allison Kasic. “I hope that the media coverage leading up to the November election will give the American public an accurate view of Governor Palin’s policy positions so that voters can make an informed choice. We need to move past the personal jabs that have dominated the news in the past few days.”

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