Over in City Journal, Kay Hymowitz looks at the cultural implications of putting Gov. Palin on the GOP ticket:

For better and for worse, she introduces a new and likely long-running cultural type to the national stage-the red-state feminist.

So what is a red-state feminist?

…central to Palin’s red-state appeal is her earthy embrace of motherhood. She differs from mainstream feminists in that her sexuality and fecundity are not in tension with her achievement and power. If anything, they rise out of them. Instead of holding her back, her five children embody her energy, competence, authority, and optimism. Maybe she’s annoyed at the way the First Dude, as her husband calls himself, forgets to fold the laundry or call the pediatrician, but she’s not going to make a federal case-make that an Alaskan state case-out of it.

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