The Female Factor
A timely series of news bytes from the Independent Women’s Forum  

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham recently told the Los Angeles Times that, “Sarah Palin represents a new feminism…”  The feminist establishment, however, is quick to counter that Gov. Palin is not truly a feminist.

Yesterday, NOW released a plea for support as they struggle to control what a small minority of women believe feminism is.  With working-class women flocking to the Palin camp, it appears they are fighting a battle they have already lost.  NOW’s president, Kim Gandy finds it ironic that the word “feminist” has been spoken in public so many times since the Palin explosion. However, what’s ironic, is that a true feminist suddenly arrived on their playground, and because she is a conservative, anti-abortion, pro-gun, mother of five, they don’t want to play.

“It is not surprising to see feminist organizations like the National Organization for Women dispute the term ‘feminist’ as it applies to Gov. Palin,” said Carrie Lukas, IWF’s vice president for policy and economics.  “After all, groups like NOW have worked for years to redefine ‘feminism’ to fit their liberal agenda.  Anyone who exposes conservative views is not welcome in their feminist club.”

“Whether you agree with her policy positions or not, it seems foolhardy to deny that Gov. Palin represents a strain of American feminism,” added IWF’s Allison Kasic.  “She is a strong-minded, successful, independent woman, and has the potential to hold one of our nation’s highest offices.  The fact that she’s a Republican shouldn’t exclude her from being a female role-model or a feminist.”

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