Title IX was implemented in 1972 to ban sex discrimination in education.  A recent controversy at Temecula Valley High shows just how ridiculous Title IX enforcement has become:

In 2005, a suspicious fire destroyed an old wooden snack shack behind the boys baseball field. In an amazing show of force, parents, players, coaches and community members raised money to rebuild bigger and better.
The end result, after more than a year of tireless volunteerism —- hosting fundraisers, hitting up hardware stores and rebuilding things with their own hands —- was a two-story concession stand, announcer’s booth and tiered seating.
The project might have cost $750,000 if completed by traditional means, but the parents did it themselves without taking any money from the school district.
While the boys enjoy the fruits of their labor, the girls are still playing on the same old field. They can’t share fields because the dimensions are different.
Now federal education officials are investigating allegations that officials at Temecula Valley High School discriminated against female athletes in violation of Title IX.

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