for ripping into Card Check in this editorial:

When citizens go to the polls on Nov. 4, they will be free to vote their conscience  –  regardless of pressure from relatives, friends or co-workers  –  after having had a chance to weigh the alternatives. Campaigns and secret ballots are sacrosanct elements of American democracy.

So it’s surprising and disturbing that organized labor wants to do away with both these elements when workers decide whether to form a union.

Under the current system, once 30% of a company’s workers sign union authorization cards, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) administers a confidential vote, typically 39 days after it receives the cards. The union and employer campaign for votes.

Under a major rewrite of U.S. labor law being promoted by unions, when more than 50% of employees sign authorization cards, the NLRB would have to recognize the new union. No campaign. No secret ballot.

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