Again and again we hear that the debate over man made global warming is over; some global warming alarmists even go so far as to compare global warming skeptics to Holocaust deniers.  There are two articles, published today, which perfectly illustrate this schizophrenic debate.  The first article, from a British paper, indicates the devastating effects of so-called man made global warming is more dire and imminent than originally predicted.  However, as the second article points out, we are currently in a phase of inactivity for the sun, and as a result, Earth’s temperatures are proving to be much cooler.  Global warming alarmists are so caught up in curbing your carbon footprint, they fail to address something that is far more powerful than all of the cars on earth combined.  If global warming is as catastrophic as they predict, perhaps they need to start investing in technology to control the power of the sun rather than in alternative sources of energy.

It is obvious to me that the debate is still ongoing, and far from over.