Last week, I posted a disturbing video of a public school teacher in North Carolina berating an elementary school child for indicating that she would vote for Senator McCain were she old enough to vote.  While that was an example of blatant political indoctrination, there are many examples of subtle indoctrination that children experience everyday in the classroom.  A few states away, a brave child in Oak Park, Illinois decided she would perform a clever little experiment on her teachers and fellow students and wear a “McCain Girl” t-shirt one day and record reactions to it and then an “Obama Girl” t-shirt the next and record the reactions from the same group of people.  Click here to read about her not-so-surprising results. 

And while you are reading, make sure to note the reaction of the teacher who commented on her “McCain Girl’ shirt and then expressed her regret when she realized it was an experiment and her remarks were being recorded.  Parents need to begin demanding that their children’s teachers check their politics at the school doors.