On Tuesday, President-elect Obama reiterated campaign promises to aggressively curb greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, despite the giant elephant in the room… the impending economic recession.  President Obama will seek to mandate that the U.S. cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to the level of 1990, and by 2050 to a level 80% below 1990.  If you subscribe to the man-made global warming dogma, I am sure this sounds fantastic, but I am curious how he proposes we make these drastic cuts.  I hardly doubt the U.S. power grid will be largely run by renewable energy sources and we will all be driving eco-friendly cars in a mere 11 years.

Click here to read the whole story from Rueters.  And continuing with the “political indoctrination” theme I have been posting on lately, note the verbiage in the article.  Obviously, the author believes the debate is over and man-made global warming is a fact rather than a theory not wholly supported by scientific evidence.