Carrie Lukas has two great articles that are worth checking out today:
Over at National Review Online Carrie looks at the Obama’s plans to create “green” jobs.  Some feminists are calling the program unfair because the majority of green jobs would be in male-dominated fields (such as construction).  As Carrie points out, no government jobs program is going to end up being “fair.”  Some will be rewarded, and some will be left out.  So, if you truly want to promote “fairness” try focusing on ending government’s inappropriate intrusion into so many sectors of our lives. Check out the article here.
Meanwhile, over at the Washington Examiner, Carrie takes a look at education in Washington, D.C.  Obama won 93% of the D.C. vote in November, but would D.C. residents been so excited had they known what an Obama presidency likely means for the popular Washington D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program?  Check out the article here.