Former Vice President (and broken record) Al Gore, gave a speech to a group of school-age children days before the inauguration about his favorite topic, man-made global warming.  If you can stomach listening to it, click here for a recording made by one of the parents in the audience.

If you aren’t interested in listening to yet another holier-than-thou pronouncement from the inventor of global warming himself, here it is in a nutshell:

– Often children are smarter than adults, just like his generation was right about civil rights issues and his parent’s generation wrong, the youth of America know which side is right on global warming and skeptical parents have it wrong.

– The three main problems facing our country today are the economy, wars, and the climate.  All of these problems have come about due to an over dependence on “dirty” coal and foreign oil.

– We can solve all three of the problems listed above by embracing solar and wind power.