This in today from Breitbart:

President Barack Obama will propose raising new revenue through a greenhouse gas cap and emissions trading scheme when he unveils his first budget on Thursday, US media reported.

The budget he will present assumes an emissions trading system will generate revenue by 2012, the Washington Post reported.

Fifteen billion dollars of the money generated would be directed to clean-energy projects, the Post said, citing sources familiar with the document.

Another 60 billion would go to tax credits for lower- and middle-income working families, and the rest to help families, small businesses and communities deal with higher energy costs, the paper reported.

The Post cited testimony to Congress in September by Peter Orszag, currently Obama’s budget director, estimating that revenue from a cap-and-trade scheme could reach 112 billion dollars by 2012.

And it goes on from there.  Let me get this straight, President Obama wants to indirectly tax our energy bills through this cap-and-trade scheme, funnel some of that money to lower income individuals (wealth distribution alert!!) and then give some back to us to pay our higher power bills caused by his legislation?  And he still has the nerve to say that he does not support increasing the size of government?