March 8th marks International Women’s Day, where women in some parts of the world celebrate broken glass ceilings and victories and where women in some other nations continue to struggle and cry for change. 

In volatile nations, women face the risk of being harassed, attacked and even killed for pleading with their governments and the world to help them in their plight for equality, justice and respect.  With laws in place to protect women’s rights in many countries, some see it as only another symbolic gesture toward women as enforcement of the laws rarely take place. 

However despite remaining challenges, women and men work together to defy societal barriers. As women continue to work on raising awareness on issues like violence against women and human rights, men are increasingly joining them in their campaigns for reform.  This in and of itself can be seen as a new leaf that has turned and an achievement.  Through the power of awareness campaigns, men have joined forces with women to help in their plight to protect women’s rights.  Let’s see this day and every day as an opportunity to educate ourselves and others on ways men and women can continue to connect with women and girls around the world who are struggling to gain basic rights and necessities.