Shahla Atta, a member of Afghanistan’s parliament has declared herself as presidential candidate in Afghanistan’s upcoming elections in August. 

“I announce my candidacy for presidential polls to strengthen democratic values of the country based on the constitution” the first female candidate and MP Shahla Atta said while addressing a press conference on Saturday.

About her decision to contest polls Shahla said she took the decision on the appeals of a number of Afghans both inside and outside of Afghanistan.

She also released an election manifesto consisting on 19 articles and promised to inform the media of her future policy plans for the country.

She promised to speed up the process of reconstruction, make education compulsory, provide free treatment to drug addicts, provision of easy and prompt justice, judicious use of foreign aid, strengthening the economy and other sectors of the country if voted into power.

Hopefully this wonderful announcement will encourage more Afghan women to seek the Presidential seat. Read the full article here