Throughout the 2008 campaign the intelligentsia on both the left and the right used practically every occasion to remind us that Sarah Palin was grossly unqualified for the nation’s top office. As Noemie Emery cleverly mocks in the Washington Examiner, just imagine the horror that Palin could have caused:

As president, she might have caused the stock market to plunge over 2,000 points in the six weeks after she assumed office, left important posts in the Treasury unfilled for two months, been described by insiders as ‘overwhelmed’ by the office, and then gone on to diss the British Prime Minister on his first state visit, giving him, as one head of state to another, a set of DVDs plucked from the aisles of Wal Mart, a tasteful gift, even if they can’t be played on a TV in Britain. (Note, the Prime Minister, who is losing his eyesight, may even be blind in one eye).

As vice president, she might have told Katie Couric that when the stock market crashed in 1929, President Franklin D. Roosevelt went on TV to reassure a terrified nation. Or on her first trip abroad as Secretary of State, she might have, as the AP reported, “raised eyebrows on her first visit to Europe…when she mispronounced her “EU counterparts names and claimed U.S. democracy was older than Europe’s,” then gave the Russian minister a gag “reset” button, on which the word “reset” was translated incorrectly.

Thank goodness that didn’t…oh, wait.  It did.  But it wasn’t the “moose-hunting ditz” from Alaska who delivered those gaffs, it was the sophisticates’ chosen one.

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