In the March 11 op-ed titled “Workers need protection–and the EFCA,” William J. Gimbell III writes, “Our country needs the Employee Free Choice Act,” but he studiously avoids discussing what this legislation would actually entail, and instead attempts to convince the reader that workers need unions.

That’s a different debate. No one is disputing the right of workers to create a union, but workers should also be free not to unionize.

And what Mr. Gimbell avoids revealing is that the so-called Employee Free Choice Act would deny workers the right to a legitimate, free, and fair election on this question.

The act would strip workers of their right to have a secret ballot and create a process that no one would suggest for any other election.

Companies would be required to recognize a union after union organizers have collected a majority of signatures among workers.

This leaves workers vulnerable to being badgered and pressured by both unions and companies.

Whether it is electing our president or a local school board, we recognize that people need to be able to vote their conscience without fear of repercussions.

Mr. Gimbell suggests that seven out of 10 non-union workers want to be in a union. If that is true, the unions should have no problem winning during a legitimate, private vote.

Carrie Lukas


The writer is vice president, policy and economics, Independent Women’s Forum.