The Washington Post has a great editorial highlighting the Heritage Foundation’s findings of how many D.C. lawmakers — including those who voted to kill the DC voucher bill — practice school choice themselves by sending their kids to private school.  The most jarring example the Washington Post provides is Sec. Duncan:

Mr. Duncan, in a recent interview, spoke eloquently of his family’s choice of Arlington as a place to live because of what he called the “determining factor” of schools. He told Science magazine: “My family has given up so much so that I could have the opportunity to serve; I didn’t want to try to save the country’s children and our educational system and jeopardize my own children’s education.” We don’t think it’s too much to expect our leaders to treat their constituents with the same fairness and regard they demand for their own families.

Good for the Post for calling out Democrats for walking away from this successful program that helps the poor for purely political reason.