The WSJ has an interesting article highlighting how charter schools end up competing with religious schools, focusing specifically on charter schools that teach Hebrew. 

It brings up some interesting questions and issues.  It’s obviously great for parents to have options other than the too often lousy local public school, and it is great for there to be schools that emphasize character, etc., that don’t require parents to have to pay tuition.  Yet it is also a shame to think of how unlevel the play field becomes for private schools,  with the creation and expansion of charters.  It’s particularly sad to think of the effects on religious schools.  Some, as discussed in this article, are being turned into charter schools, which offer watered down character education instead of religious instruction. How many actual religious schools will be left in another decade?

Charter schools are overall a good thing, but articles like this are a reminder that the real goal should be for complete freedom that gives parents all options–religious, secular, etc.