In a region dominated by turbulence over the past decade or so, the slow growth of civil society in Kashmir brings greater freedom to the people.  It’s incredible to reflect on how daily life has changed so drastically for young adults in Kashmir.  Just a few years ago, Islamic militants openly fired and threw acid on women not fully veiled, and thousands of people were killed by daily violence in the streets as India and Pakistan struggled for common ground.  Today, Reuters notes how the militants have lost power, burqas are being set aside, and a new aviation training institute offers young people a chance to “reach for the sky.”  Since the initiation of a peace process in 2004, the chance for economic prosperity has brought about the greatest force for freedom, security, and most important – hope.

One young woman’s mother said, “Initially I was apprehensive and reluctant because I was worried she would go away from me, but then I realized that if she does some professional course or training, it will make her life better.”