Andrew Breitbart at the Washington Times has a refreshing perspective on the residue of racism in America.  It was shameful that a group of black and Hispanic children weren’t allowed to swim at a privately owned pool in Philadelphia last week, but the appropriate reaction of other private citizens and businesses has shown America’s true colors.  Neighbors and members of the pool have denounced the discriminatory act, and other pools have invited the children to swim for free.  Breitbart writes:

While racism does exist, it is no longer the natural order, nor is it representative of the majority. Otherwise, this story would not have played out the way it did.

The eradication of racism in this country has best transpired when the media exposes the bad behavior and private citizens act to remedy it. 

In cases like this one, it’s clear that incentives for racist behavior no longer exist. It follows that the government is no longer the most effective means to expose and punish racism.  Read more of Breitbart’s analysis here.