News reports and commentaries are still rolling in of why Sarah Palin has stepped down as governor of Alaska before the end of her term. Everyone has put their two cents in on the reason she would do such a thing and I would like to throw mine in as well.

Just think about it, this woman set out to do something really great. She was elected mayor in an Alaskan town and then Governor of Alaska. She was then asked to run for Vice-President of the United States all with the idea that she can stop the corruption and do good for others. She did very well in her state of Alaska but after the national elections were over the media would not leave her alone.

From talk show hosts to false accusations in investigations, she has been attacked relentlessly and from both sides of the political spectrum. It wasn’t only her alone, but her whole lifestyle including her husband and children were under attack.

A senior policy analyst with the Independent Women’s Forum, Allison Kasic said, “Palin has had more hatred and vitriol thrown her way than any other politician in her lifetime.” She’s been called a coward, a quitter, crazy like a fox and one who can’t take the heat.

In her speech to step down from her job as governor she spoke of a higher calling and it is driving the media crazy as to what her motives are for the future. I don’t think she is shirking her responsibility as governor. It was a painful and difficult decision to make and with all the legal fees she has accumulated to defend herself in office and as it was reported, most of her time and her staff’s time was spent responding to the constant barrage of criticism and attacks and the work for the people of Alaska was being neglected.

The obvious reason still stands firm. As she won’t be the center of attention in the governor’s office so they can continue with the work for a better Alaska, the high calling is that of wife and mother. She has done all she could in her position and it was time to step back and be with her family. Too much mud has been slung to her and her family and she is doing what any mother would do to protect her family. She is focusing her life on what really matters: her husband and children.

Sandy Rio, a Fox News Columnist, said it well: “It’s no mystery why Sarah Palin stepped down now to stop the waste of time and money for the Alaskan people and to quench the infliction of pain on her family. If the love of the governor for her state and the mother for her children causes her to step down and become a quitter, then may her kind of ‘quitting’ increase.” I couldn’t agree more.