Michelle Bernard’s Sunday Reflection in the Washington Examiner on Sunday is a painful reminder of the failure of government to protect its future, our children.  Our children are paying the highest price, with their lives, for the failure of government to live up to what it says. In politics this is nothing new, promises are made and always broken, but when dealing with lives of children this is unacceptable. As Bernard says, “The price of government failure is high: Abused, neglected, and murdered children-lost lives.” Sadly this is true and no excuses can be made.

The government is once more not performing its duty even with multiple agencies and public schools. For many children the government is their last chance at life and yet the government responds with “indifferent, overworked, ill trained, and incompetent bureaucracies,” says Bernard. Child abuse costs more than 100 billion dollars nationwide and the loss of many precious lives, haven’t we had enough?