A policy expert with the Independent Women’s Forum says Obama’s healthcare reform plan does nothing to lower costs.

Carrie Lukas is the vice president for policy at the Independent Women’s Forum, is convinced that most Americans are not swallowing the bait when it comes to the current healthcare proposals.
“I don’t think that there’s anybody out there who really believes that getting the government involved in taking over the healthcare system and extending insurance to tens of millions of people is going to reduce the healthcare costs in America,” says Lukas.
She contends that through arcane tax laws and restrictive regulations placed on the healthcare industry, costs have risen to a point where many people depend on their employers for health insurance. Lukas advocates the creation of health savings accounts and tax breaks for those purchasing their own coverage.
“It would be expensive,” she admits, “but it would be a lot less expensive than the trillions of dollars and really massive growth of government…into the business of healthcare and into personal health decisions that the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress are currently proposing.”
Lukas also notes that if the government sets up the healthcare bureaucracy proposed in Obama’s plan, the medical field will become an unattractive career choice. And that, she believes, will lead to less medical professionals to deal with the influx of patients, which in turn will lead to more complications in healthcare.