According to a recent national survey by the left-leaning Pew Research Center for the People & the Press more and more Americans have grown skeptical of the President’s proposal to overhaul the nation’s health care system:

“By a 44%-to-38% margin, more Americans generally oppose than favor the health care proposals now before Congress. Opposition rises to 56% among people who say they have heard a lot about legislation to overhaul the health care system. Concerns about the costs and increased government involvement in the health care system are volunteered most often by Americans critical of the health care proposals.”

Like Pew, the right-leaning Quinnipiac found that concerns over increased government spending is affecting support for ObamaCare.  Congressional Democrats have proposed a mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance.   Thinking about not complying? Think again. Democrats have recommended a penalty of up to 2.5 percent of gross income for individuals who disregard the mandate.

But Democratic lawmakers may want to reconsider their effort to coerce Americans into purchasing health insurance. Quinnipiac found respondents:

“strongly oppose individual mandates to carry health insurance, 68%-26%.”

And, since the left is so keen on talking about gender gaps, let’s not forget to mention the disparity in support for ObamaCare between men and women:

“Women now oppose Obama on health care issues, 49%-41%, a 17-point swing since July 1st.”