In Pakistan, 25-year-old Pashtun woman Asma Nawar, is trying to break from what the Los Angeles Times reported today as, “strict centuries-old codes of conduct handed down by generations of Pashtuns.” Nawar is a reporter for Radio Khyber in Peshawar, Pakistan, a country where woman normally maintain a household, raise children and are confined to their home unless accompanied by a male. She is allowed to report on children, education and healthcare, which are considered women’s issues, anything else may put her in danger with the Taliban. Now, reporting the news is one thing, permitted to discuss “women’s issues” is another. As revolutionary as it is for women to actually be on the air in Pakistan, I’m sure they aren’t satisfied. They want more. Who wouldn’t? Nawar isn’t afraid of the Taliban, she knows she is doing the right thing. Let’s hope other women in Pakistan learn from Nawar and begin to stand up as well.