A senior policy analyst with the Independent Women’s Forum says healthcare choice is a fundamental right that should be free of government interference.Nicole Kurokawa argues that the Obama healthcare reform bill will end up taking choices away from American citizens.
“The Declaration of Independence states that rights fundamental to man are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And the choice [of] owning your choices about your healthcare, making decisions about the healthcare of your loved ones — that’s a fundamental right, that’s a central ability that Americans need to possess,” she contends. “And in taking that away and putting that…in the hands of the government, that undermines those rights that the founders intended us to have.”
H.R. 3200, Title I protections and standards for qualified health benefits plans deal with the creation of government-approved healthcare plans that are to be offered by private insurance companies. Companies or individuals failing to offer or purchase such plans will face stiff fines.
Title I, Subtitle C, Section 123 deals with the creation of a health benefits advisory committee that is chaired by the U.S. surgeon general and has non-government members appointed by the president. That committee will determine by region a fair price for health insurance policies and what can and cannot be covered in the plan.