A spokesperson with the Independent Women’s Forum is concerned that healthcare reform will limit parental rights.

Senior policy analyst Nicole Kurokawa is concerned that decisions concerning healthcare for children will be left up to a proposed Health Benefits Advisory Committee instead of parents. According to H.R. 3200, that committee will be responsible for setting recommendations for government-approved healthcare plans, which citizens will be forced to buy into, whether they be public or private.

Kurokawa is worried that under that approach, government officials could require that children receive all available vaccines — even the controversial ones such as the HPV vaccine.
“Also what I’m concerned about would be the health police actually coming to your door and saying, ‘Your daughter has not been HPV vaccinated; your son has not been chicken pox vaccinated,'” she shares. “So I think on many levels there…will be a growing encroachment upon these parental rights and…basically you’re going to have to opt into being a parent and making these decisions rather than having them left in your hands, as they currently are,” Kurokawa says.