Is it easier for Dems to focus on Rep. Joe Wilson than the specifics of health care reform? You betcha!  Finally, something all Democrats can agree on.

The Politico’s Roger Simon writes today:

“It is so much easier to debate a resolution condemning his [Wilson’s] rudeness than it is to agree on a bill that provides health care to all Americans without increasing the deficit.”

Overhauling our nation’s health care system is proving to be more challenging than the president or Democrats in Congress thought. As the town hall meetings this summer revealed, Americans aren’t so sure they want the changes President Obama is prescribing. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em:

“So we cannot move on from Joe Wilson’s bad behavior; we cannot avert our eyes from the car wreck. We must dwell on it and wallow in it. Congress must pass a resolution condemning Wilson to demonstrate that Congress can do something, anything.”