It’s become almost boring identifying all of the health care double speak Democrats are engaging in to try to sell their “reform” plan(s).  George Will brilliantly point out the schizophrenic claims made in President Obama’s most recent major health care address. 

And Senator Baucus’s piece in the Wall Street Journal exhibits its own share of unreality, such as this statement:

For starters, our plan pays for every cent of new spending without using additional tax dollars. Our plan would lower costs and would not add to the federal deficit. In fact, it would begin reducing the federal deficit within 10 years by containing costs through industry reforms. These reforms would focus on preventing diseases before they become costly to treat and paying health-care providers for the quality of care they deliver-not the number of tests they order.

How many independent analyses have to show that these programs increase, not lower, the deficit  both in the short and long-term before Democrats stop pretending that a massive expansion of government provided health care will somehow save money?