The Joint Economic Committee released a great graphic dispelling the myth of “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Check it out here.

The plan currently before the Senate Finance Committee does, indeed, stipulate that you can keep your plan. For now. With a few small caveats:

  • The plan cannot change substantially
  • You cannot change your status (i.e. get married, have children, etc.)
  • If you change jobs, you forfeit your insurance.

But that plan you liked so much that you wanted to keep it? Yeah, about that…

  • If you stay on a grandfathered plan, you are not eligible for subsidies of any kind.
  • Even if everything is exactly the same, in five years from now, your plan will have to comply with government diktats.

Sounds like the President was telling the truth, right? Kind of? For a few days, maybe at the beginning?