This Wednesday look out for new global warming legislation to be introduced in the Senate by Barbara Boxer and John Kerry. They hope to eventually bring the bill to conference with the House, who passed a “cap and trade” bill last June. The Senate’s bill is likely to look very similar to, and add to, the House version.  Last week, as reported by The New York Times, Kerry wanted to change the language of the bill because he does not understand what “cap and trade” means. Instead he insists on a “pollution reduction bill.” While a bill named “pollution reduction” will probably garner more support from the public, it is not much comfort that the Senator introducing it does not understand how the pollution reduction is even to be achieved. In addition to not understanding how cap and trade works, Kerry and Boxer have big goals for this bill hoping to cross party lines in order to “protect the planet for the next century.”  One can only wonder how close they will work with the other side.