On Wednesday, the Empire State Building will light its iconic upper section red and yellow “in honor” of the 60th anniversary of communist China.  This is profoundly disturbing.  The Empire State Building is one of America’s great symbols–of ingenuity, industry, and freedom.  It is anathema to China.

As a private company, it’s the building’s owners and management’s right to “honor” whomever they choose.  But, are they totally unaware of China’s brutal history and continued human rights abuses…not to mention their increasingly aggressive military stance toward the United States? 

Perhaps the officials at the Empire State Building should be reminded of China’s terrible history; the brutal takeover of Tibet or their murderous actions in Tiennamen Square.  Or just read the more recent news stories coming out of China which show the regime cracking down on Democracy activists and government critics. 

Amnesty International reports this month that the crackdowns have become more frequent in anticipation of the 60th anniversary activities in the country: 

Chinese authorities have increased surveillance, harassment and imprisonment of activists ahead of the country’s 60th anniversary on 1 October to prevent them from raising human rights concerns that challenge the authorities’ image of social harmony, Amnesty International said today.  Amnesty International estimates that several hundred activists and dissidents are under various kinds of surveillance or house arrest and thousands of petitioners are being swept out of Beijing. The organization continues to receive reports that petitioners are being kept in “black jails” and other informal detention facilities outside Beijing.