More than a thousand people showed up in Washington, DC, Wednesday to show their support for the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Tatiana Posada, director of campus studies at the Independent Women’s Forum, says at least 2,000 people attended the rally. “There were many parents, there were teachers, there were individuals from think tanks, members of Congress, staffers from the hill — there were a lot of people there, which was great,” she shares.
According to Posada, all showed support for the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, which is in danger of being permanently — despites the fact it has helped thousands of inner-city school children attend higher performing schools at a fraction of the cost of public school.
Posada points out that not only are the children under that program performing better in school, but their parents do not have to worry about gang-related dangers.
“The next step is to hopefully have Congress, have the Obama administration, have Secretary Arne Duncan change their mind and realize that this program should be reauthorized,” says the policy analyst.
Posada adds that young Democrats in DC also are supporting reauthorization of the program.