GOP strategists, listen up! In her op-ed in today’s WaPo, Kathleen Parker tells us women are the future of the Republican Party. “If the GOP is really serious about expanding the party, it’s time for the men to hush and let the pros take over.”

Fresh female faces are  making their way onto the political scene – gracing political tickets and traveling the Sunday morning news circuit.  Two leading women to keep our eye on are Meg Whitman, former chief executive of eBay, is pursuing the governorship of California and Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard chief executive is challenging Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Meghan McCain has become a celebrity blogger. And in a different league altogether, Liz Cheney – former deputy assistant secretary of state – has become a go-to expert on foreign affairs.

What’s most interesting about this group of women is that they don’t conform to a single profile or specific party line: “Four women: a pro-life hawk; a pro-choice, pro-gay rights libertarian; two entrepreneurs, one pro-choice and one pro-life.”

Parker isn’t the only woman to notice this trend in Republican politics.  In her most recent book – You’ve Come A Long Way, Maybe, Leslie Sanchez – one of IWF’s visiting fellows – examines Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Obama and delves into the question of what a successful female candidate for president will look like.  (FYI: the book was released this week.)