Here’s a good overview of the latest smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh–it’s also more evidence of the sorry state of the mainstream media. 

One of the things that bothers me most about this story is the stupid of statements like “it sounds like the kind of thing Rush would say.”  Have any of these people ever listened to Rush?  It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing he would say at all.  As a frequent listener, I know Rush sometimes makes some slightly politically incorrect jokes, which when taken out of context can seem jarring, but are obviously tongue-in-cheek when heard as part of his monologue. But he wouldn’t say anything like the racist statements that they are trying to tag on him.

I don’t watch many of the liberal talk shows or late night comics so I don’t know what they normally say.  I can imagine that I might be fooled into thinking that some offensive quote was uttered by a host that I don’t really listen to but know I don’t agree with.  But if it turned out that the quote was wrong I sure wouldn’t go around saying “it sounds like him anyway.” 

The left preens about the need for civil dialogue and an end to personal attacks.  Couldn’t we start with a basic ground rule that you shouldn’t make stuff up about the other side?