Former VPOTUS Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize last year for his “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth (insert joke about Nobel committee here.) Unfortunately, it turns out the movie has a few inconvenient untruths in it – and a British High Court found that the movie had nine (9) significant errors. Phelim McAleer, an Irish documentary filmmaker, asked Mr. Gore about this at the annual meeting of the Society for Environmental Journalists last week.

Unfortunately, the Goracle avoided answering the question entirely – and then the organizers cut off Mr. McAleer’s microphone. I thought journalists were supposed to question sources and verify facts, but I must be wrong. What’s a little silencing of dissent among friends, right?

Way to chase after the truth there, journalist society.  

Lou Dobbs had McAleer on to discuss the incident – check it out:

McAleer and his partner have created a documentary to counter Mr. Gore’s propaganda film, called Not Evil, Just Wrong. Its worldwide grassroots launch is this Sunday night – I recommend trying to make one of their many premieres, or hosting your own (kits even come with a square of red carpet!)

Using questionable numbers, hyperbole and scare tactics in a movie and masquerading as “facts”: bad. Being called out by a court of law for said discrepancies: worse. Having said erroneous movie shown to children in schools: reprehensible.