has produced a great new video featuring the consumer-driven health care plan that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey provides his employees. The workers interviewed talk about the “freedom” they have to go to the doctor of their choice, and they speak honestly about how managing their own “personal wellness account” makes them think more about how they’re spending the money. 

The video juxtaposes the employees with really ill-informed protesters outside a Whole Foods market in Washington, DC.  The left-wing activists and labor union reps were infuriated by Mackey’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in August, where he called for greater market-based health care reforms and argued that true reform would mean “less government control and more individual empowerment.”

The irony – and the humor (of course, this is!) – in the video is that the protestors have absolutely NO understanding about how the Whole Foods high-deductible/health savings account program works. The protesters in the video claim Mackey’s employees just don’t know any better and that they couldn’t possibly be happy with this system because they had no choice in the matter. As the video makes clear, nothing could be further from the truth.

This really is Must See TV!