The Atlas Economic Research Foundation announced the 2009 winners of its Templeton Freedom Awards today – giving 2 awards each in eight categories: Free Market Solutions to Poverty, Social Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Values, Student Outreach, Initiative in Public Relations, Innovative Media Award, Award for Special Achievement by a University-based Center, and Award for Special Achievement by a Young Institute. Representing 12 countries from four continents, these think tanks have all worked tirelessly to promote free markets and individual liberty.

A few examples:

  • The Sam Adams Alliance, based in Chicago, won an innovative media award for Sunshine Review (, a website devoted to issues of government transparency and accountability.
  • The Free Market Foundation of South Africa won a “free market solutions to poverty” award for their book “Jobs for the Jobless” denouncing the high legal restrictions on job security that has led to massive unemployment.
  • Samasource, a non-profit based in San Francisco won a social entrepreneurship award for its work training small businesses in poor parts of Africa, and linking them to profitable opportunities working for U.S. clients.

Congratulations to the winners! People around the world benefit from your efforts, and we thank you.