This morning’s WaPo ran the above-the-fold headline “Public Option Gains Support.”  According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, they report 57-40 support “having the government create a new health insurance plan.”

Other than cheerleading for the Obama administration, the headline is ridiculously misleading.  For instance, 57 percent of respondents may support a public option, but 61 percent oppose the proposed tax to pay for it!

What’s more 56 percent of respondents claim to support “a law that requires all Americans to have health insurance.” Yet, 42 percent of respondents continue to think the health-care plan “creates too much government involvement in the nation’s health-care system.”

While the headline would like readers to believe that Americans are firmly on board with Obamacare, a closer examination of the questions and poll data reveals just the opposite.  The public may want reform, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the government getting into the business of health-care.