Today’s Los Angeles Times describes the battle over New York’s 23rd House Seat as the epicenter of a “GOP Mutiny.” 

As I said on MSNBC Live Saturday morning, the media can call it what they will – mutiny, infighting, soul searching – it doesn’t change the underlying issue: conservatives are turned off by the status quo Republican Party.  And many New York voters are willing to throw their weight behind the more principled Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman even if it means turning their back on the GOP.

And maybe a little tough love is exactly what the GOP needs.

The fact is Americans are tired of the government – Democrats and Republicans – intervening into every facet of their lives.  From the $780 billion economic stimulus boondoggle to ridiculous redistribution of wealth plans like “cash for clunkers” to Obamacare to proposed soda taxes, Americans have had enough.  And the tea parties this summer were evidence of this anger.

Newt Gingrich can continue defending Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava and the Republican Party, but there’s a long list of other GOP leaders supporting Hoffman.  From Palin to Forbes to Santorum to Bachmann – and possibly Pawlenty – not everyone in the GOP is lockstep behind Scozzafava.  The tide is changing and the question is who’s listening.  No matter what one thinks of Sarah Palin, she’s playing an integral role in this new conversation within the Party and she has launched an important conversation about how we get back to our country’s founding principles of limited government and individual rights.