(Washington, DC) – A new poll conducted by WomanTrend, a division of the polling company inc, surveyed  800 women across the nation to assess both their attitudes about the current health care debate and their priorities for their families and the nation.

“In this poll we treat women like grownups,” said Kellyanne Conway, president of the polling company. “We don’t ask them just about babies and families, although we cover those issues. We ask them about real world economics, real tradeoffs and the real costs associated with our health care system.” The poll was commissioned by the Independent Women’s Forum.

To review this survey and analyze the findings will be Carrie Lukas, IWF’s Vice President for Policy and Economics,  Nicole Kurokawa, IWF’s Senior Policy Analyst and Kellyanne Conway, President of the polling company inc.

Date:                           Thursday, October 29, 2009
Time:                           10:00am ET
Call-in number:          866-212-0875
Pass Code:                  589303#

Topics covered in this poll include:

  • Women’s assessment of how effective national leaders are on health care and if they can be trusted to remake the health care system.
  • Women’s opinion of the quality of insurance and health care they receive compared to the quality and care that they believe others have.
  • Women’s opinion of various aspects of the proposed health care legislation-including what they would like and what is less important.  They are asked to consider the potential pitfalls and costs of various measures to provide a complete picture of how they’ll react to the full health care package.
  • The timing surrounding health care reform: women are asked how quickly they believe a health care bill should be passed.
  • Poll demographics go beyond just age, education, and income, providing in-depth lifestyle information about how American women’s lives, which give an understanding of their priorities and how their priorities influence their opinions about health care.

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Carol Eberly at 202-349-5882 or email Carol at [email protected].