Exit polls from Tuesday’s election bloodbath – um, I mean results – revealed voters’ preferences on more than just the candidates. ABC News reports that the economy and taxes were of paramount concern, and that health care did not factor strongly in their decisions.

This matches the results from IWF’s poll released last week on women’s attitudes towards health care – when asked how much of a priority health care reform should be to Congress, only 16% of respondents felt that it should be the top issue, whereas 53% of women felt that it was only in the top three.

Unfortunately, current health care reform proposals contain a dizzying array of new taxes and fees that will hurt individuals, families, and small businesses – Americans for Tax Reform has a great list of the tax hikes in the House bill. Ryan Ellis, ATR’s director of tax policy, points out that the new surtax on small employers will endanger millions of jobs.

So to confirm: the economy, jobs, and taxes are on the minds of average Americans, yet Congress is deliberately taking steps to RAISE taxes, KILL jobs, and CONTRACT the economy, in the name of a government takeover of health care that people don’t even prioritize? Sounds like it might be time to nominate Congress for a Real Men of Genius award.