An essay contest sponsored by a Washington, DC-based group addresses the issue “fair trade.”

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) is holding an essay contest for women of any age enrolled in college. IWF’s Tatiana Posada tells OneNewsNow that this year’s question is:
“Many campus coffee shops boast that they proudly serve ‘fair trade’ coffee — but does the fair trade movement actually make a difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged? Is ‘free trade’ also ‘fair trade’?”
Posada says the main goal of the contest is to empower women and draw awareness to how politics affects their everyday lives. She adds that the subject of the essay contest is also a hot topic on many college campuses.
“If you walk into any campus coffee shop, they certainly will have fair trade coffee and maybe only fair trade coffee…because they assume that it’s humane and because it will help farmers,” she explains. “So the question is: Is that actually true?”
The deadline for submitting essays is December 1. More information on the essay contest can be found at the IWF website. First prize is $5,000.