Army Chief of Staff General George Casey appeared on This Week with George Stephanopouloson Sunday to discuss the shooting rampage by Army Major Nidal Hasan.  During the very short interview, Casey said “we need to be careful” five times when answering questions related to Hasan’s motives or his possible ties to Muslim radicals and his anti-American and anti-war statements.   

Casey also spent a considerable amount of time delineating the different assistance programs available to soldiers dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder–a subject hardly relevant to the Hasan case as Hasan never served overseas and had never seen combat of any kind. 

It’s obvious that Casey was walking on eggshells–exhibiting a little of that political correctness we’ve been hearing about lately in trying to appear sensitive to the Muslim community.    

As for calls that Hasan claims he was mistreated by the military, why is the media so willing to take the word of a madman?  Has this so-called treatment been backed by any witnesses or colleagues of Hasan?  Also, let’s say he was mistreated.  That’s unfortunate but it happens and soldiers have dealt with it before.  It’s fair to say that soldiers of German descent serving in the U.S. military during WWII were more than likely poked fun at for their seditious sounding last names.  Some were no doubt made to feel a little unwelcome at times.  And lets not forget how the Japanese were treated in this country during WWII.  

I too hope Casey is “very careful” going forward.  Casey and the other heads of the military branches must take great care to deal with the dangerous culture of political correctness which is clearly disabling military men and women from reporting colleagues who exhibit sympathies with America’s enemies.   

Come on, General Casey, this isn’t some University you’re heading up with super-sensitive, multi-cultural-obsessed, tenured faculty…

Or is it?