Independent Women’s Forum – People Don’t Trust Health Care Reform Claims: “The Detroit New’s Nolan Finley writes about the many reasons that so many Americans don’t want the Democratic-proposed health care reform. It comes down to a matter of trust: the American people don’t buy the ridiculous idea that the governmentu can expand coverage, cut costs, and not compromise quality. Finley highlights why this lack of trust is justified: we’ve seen the government make such promises in the past which turn out to be bogus.

Most interestingly, he writes about the more fundamental reason for the lack of trust:

That speaks to the widest gap in trust — the bill’s motives. The expressed goal is to make affordable insurance available to all. But much of what’s in the bill reaches well beyond that mission, raising suspicions that the real objectives are to increase the dominance of government over the individual and use health care as a means of achieving a broader liberal agenda.

For example, the bill is laden with affirmative action requirements in health care education and hiring. A Senate version requires the government to ‘develop standards for the measurement of gender’ because simple male and female checkboxes are no longer relevant.”