New poll numbers released this week reveal that the country is far from convinced that a new health care bill would improve the nation’s health care system. 

Gallup found 40 percent of respondents claim a new bill would make things worse.  And similarly, 45 percent of respondents in a new AP poll totally oppose the health care reform plans being discussed in Congress.  Pew Research found even more opposition, with 47 percent of respondents claiming to generally oppose the proposals and 51 percent of self-identified Independents remaining opposed.

Even more unpopular is the individual mandate, which was included in the House bill that passed last Saturday night.  In the wake of H.R. 3962 passing the House, one issue in particular has made headlines: if individuals fail to purchase health care, they open themselves up to penalties equal to 2.5 percent of their income, backed up by five years in jail. While Democrats have been committed to mandates from the beginning, opposition to the idea has been stiff.

A recent poll of women, for instance, commissioned by the IWF found that 61 percent of respondents do not support an individual mandate – and 42 percent held that belief strongly.  Despite this opposition, however, Speaker Pelosi and others continue to beat around the bush about the facts behind the bill’s mandate, fines, and penalties.

But, perhaps that’s why the highest number of all is American’s disapproval of Congress: 67 percent.