The Center for Freedom and Prosperity has released a new video warning about the serious fiscal impact that a government-run health care plan will have on the U.S. – and not a moment too soon, seeing as the Senate vote this past Saturday means that Congress is closer than ever to passing its plan!

Check it out here:

Of course this is going to lead to higher deficits! It’s not possible to spend over a trillion dollars and save money — Congress doesn’t have the power to bend the laws of mathematics, try as they might.

As the Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell points out, deficits will increase because of three simple reasons:

  1. New spending will be more expensive than predicted (this is also something that respondents in the recent IWF poll on women’s attitudes towards health care point out!)
  2. New taxes will raise less revenue than expected
  3. Promises of future spending restraint are false

So when these problems occur, what will happen?

  • To try and contain spending, care will be rationed
  • Additional taxes will be levied, and taxes will be raised to try and pay for the program
  • Spending will continue to grow, because underlying issues of cost are not addressed

Who’s going to bear the brunt of these costs? Our children and grandchildren. But the members of Congress who voted to impose this burden on future generations will be long out of office at that point, so they’re not thinking about them…