It’s a cliche at Thanksgiving to write how thankful you are for the men and women serving overseas.  But this story, about Navy SEALS being tried for assault related to the capture of a brutal, murderous terrorist, made we want to drag the tired, but sincerely felt, cliche out.

How long are we going to have men and women willing to go out in harms way or do the dirty work of defending the U.S. from attack (like those who interrogated terrorists and now face potential legal sanction in relation to fulfilling their duties)?  It’s tempting to say that it won’t be for long if the government continues to treat them like criminals.  But I know that’s not true — there are too many Americans who are profoundly committed to the cause of freedom that they will fight for that cause, regardless of the personal costs.

Another thought of thanks:  This year, I am thankful for the hundreds of thousands of men and women who joined the Tea Party Protests.  Most people are reluctant to get involved in politics, and few people feel they have the time to go out and participate in demonstrations–particulary demonstrations that are discounted or even demonized by much of the media.  I’m living in Vienna Austria right now, so couldn’t be at any of the rallies.  I’m awed by the number of my friends and extended family that made the time to go.  Every person that attended a rally has helped make a real difference–they are showing the world, and most importantly the would-be emperors in Washington, that Americans still believe in limited government. For that, I give thanks.